Hourly Motel in Farmingdale

Pertaining to your search for the best hourly motels, remember to search for multiple factors that The Pines Motor Lodge has over the competition, like popularity, locale, and conveniences. Pines Motor Lodge delivers one of the top standing hourly motels in Farmingdale, Long Island 11735. Just request a review from anyone who has spent the night in either of our two short stay motels; every accommodation will be neat, cost-effective, possessing amiable and effective employees wanting to see to your needs.

Our company’s hourly motels tend to be in close proximity to a variety of preferred Farmingdale, Long Island 11735 attractions, and earn The Pines Motor Lodge the title of the most perfect place to stay for ones trip on Long Island. Regardless if you are here for business or entertainment delight, Pines Motor Lodge will be the preferred selection out of all hourly motels on Long Island. Some other short stay motels won’t have the mixture of superiority and value for money which has preserved us as an operating business for so long.

Our location within Nassau and Suffolk counties provides a lead over other short stay motels with regard to geographic location. Each of our company’s short stay motels can be found quite easily in the vicinity of several preferred Farmingdale attractions and also main highways. In terms of sought-after qualities, we have now nearly anything and everything, including fresh re-designed locations, special locations (for example our very own Vegas motel room as well as Jacuzzi hotel rooms), web access provided, practical on-site parking, and really great rates for short term as well as extended motel stays.

If you arrive at either of our Long Island short stay motels, you’ll directly see the reason why a lot of our very own customers persist with us time and again; we realize how to deal with our own Farmingdale visitors correctly. If you prefer the level of quality that accompanies a more high-priced motel or even hotel, for the inexpensive premiums that our regulars have started to count on, you will not consider looking beyond Pines Motor Lodge.

Each and every one of our accommodation are great for visits of any variety, including working vacations, amorous holidays with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and friends and family getaways on Long Island. Every one of these vacations is covered by our convenient Farmingdale location, affordable charges, along with our resolve for great client service. Therefore, the very next time you are researching an hourly motel on Long Island, you will understand that the Pines Motor Lodge is the initial pick of native Long Islanders near Farmingdale and visitors alike throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

The Pines Motor Lodge offers our Farmingdale, 11735 customers cleansed, cozy hourly motel rooms perfect for occupants as well as travelers and tourists to Long Island for longer than half a century. Consisting of a set of two destinations, a single one present in Suffolk County plus one present in Nassau County, you won’t ever be further away than you would like to be from Pines Motor Lodge short stay motel rooms whenever you are driving on the road, in need of a heated, healthy location near Farmingdale to fall asleep for the nighttime.

For the short stay motel on Long Island that has just about everything, call Pines Motor Lodge right now. There is always an individual servicing the office at each of our establishments near Farmingdale, to respond to an individual’s telephone call and any inquiries you might have. They will be happy that they may assist you with any situation you may want help with; customer satisfaction is undoubtedly one of our prime concerns.